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Why use mystery shoppers

Why do companies use mystery shoppers?

Once you’ve gone down the rabbit hole, the world of Mystery Shopping is not so much a mystery in itself. The basic idea is that, as a mystery shopper, you’re trained in a scenario and specific task and sent into various locations to test those points while you’re acting like a normal customer.

But why do people hire mystery shopping companies – and their teams of mystery shoppers – in the first place? Why use mystery shoppers to check on the basic service level that should be delivered?

Objective Opinions of Mystery Shoppers

Objective Opinions of the Demographic

The Shoppers that are sent in to audit these stores are always briefed and trained beforehand. They are given specific instructions to follow to be able to provide feedback.

These Shoppers go into the visit with a specific mindset. And would be able to view the store differently during the visit. This may not always be in terms of service, however, would also mean the environment of the store is being evaluate. How the staff attends to other customers, body language and behavior of the staff as well are all being observed.

If you have never tired Mystery Shopping, you should. If only for the experience of viewing the service you receive in a different light.

Trained Eyes of Mystery Shoppers

A Trained Eye

Every business has its idea of the ideal demographic. Mystery Shopping programs are design to specific requirements. It allows the company to narrow in on a specific demographic that they want to hear from. Of course a company can get a general over view as well. If the company does not set any specific requirements.

These Shoppers will then provide objections options on the service delivered by the store/brand. This in turn allows the company to know what is going right or otherwise, in the opinions of this demographic.

For example, Millennials may not react in manner as Baby Boomers to a scenario.

Mystery shoppers are for your brand

Shoppers Are There For Your Brand

As mentioned in points above. These shoppers are within your demographic, trained to observed and point out insightful information. While providing feedback and data about the service that they had experience.

A large number of these Shoppers take the job very seriously. They know they are part of the fabric that makes the service industry. They want to receive good service and they are trying to help the industry improve where it can.

When they visit a store, they would base their opinions on the requirements of the brand. Keeping in mind what the brand offers, and how the service should be. These Shoppers don’t compare apples and oranges. They look at the situation objectively and think about what could be improved.

Mystery shoppers drive data

Data Driven Action for Continuous Improvement

Now that you have the results of the visit you can use that to improve. The data allows you to narrow in to which aspects of the visit that needs to be improved. Action can then be taken on this to continuously improve on the Service Delivered to the customers of the store.

The ultimate goal of Mystery Shopping is all about continuous improvement. We want for companies to deliver great service to customers. Our Shoppers want for companies to deliver great service to them.

Great service goes beyond the results of one Mystery Shopping survey. Through the years, patterns can be seen in the data. Whether the store or staff are consistent. One bad score out of 10 would not be alarming. However, if it was the other way around that would signal that action needs to be taken.

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