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What is Mystery Shopping?

Mystery Shopping is a tool where people like you observe the quality of products/services in numerous industries while pretending to be an actual customer. By means of clear instructions and training, the Mystery Shopper anonymously visits locations, performs a scenario and registers his/hers findings in a survey.

How do I execute the mystery visits? What do I have to do?

For instance you go to a store and observe the cleanliness of the location, have a sales conversation with an employee and ask questions to test the employees´ knowledge. You report about your shopping experience and we process the information and report it back to our clients.

What are the requirements to become a Mystery Shopper?

We are searching for individuals who;

  • Are at least 20 years old;
  • Are objective in their observations;
  • Have an eye for detail when evaluating shops;
  • Are trustworthy in their deadlines and appointments;
  • Are motivated to perform mystery visits;
  • Like variation and a challenge in daily tasks;
  • Have a basic knowledge of the local language;(language depending on the office you want to work for)
  • Have basic computer skills and internet access;
  • Are reachable through telephone;
  • Are able to travel short distances.

How you are going to pay me?

Payment is through a deposit of a cash amount to the shoppers bank account. You will be paid per mystery visit that you have conducted for AQ. Singapore residents and Thai will be paid through Paypal.

When is the payment exactly?

Payment terms can vary and depends on your country of origin. Please contact your local business manager to find out the period that applies to you.

How do I apply for jobs?

  • AQ Services operates with two platforms (Shopmetrics and Sassie); this depends on the preference of our clients and country. You need to subscribe at the platform which is applicable to you in order to view all Mystery Shops in your area. Please check below which platform applies to you and register there
  • Japan: Shopmetrics
  • Europe: Sassie
  • South East Asia: Shopmetrics and Sassie

How do I key in the surveys?

You can print the survey of your visit and take it with you to make notes after you have performed the visit. Make sure not to show the survey while visiting the location. After each visit, you will submit the survey online. This is done on the platforms as stated above.

Do I have to pay to register as a Mystery Shopper?

Registering as a Mystery Shopper is always free. There is no fee to sign up at AQ.If you see a website that charges you money for registering at AQ Services please report that site to us.

Are there any mystery visits in my area?

Most likely there are. AQ works for many big and smaller brands worldwide. This means that a mystery visit in your city or area can be conducted. You will need to register to view all open locations in your region.

Where can I view the available mystery visits?

The way of presenting the mystery visits vary per office. The visits can be offered by email, the online platforms, or the job board of your local office.

How many mystery visits can I apply for?

This is up to you. You can do as many visits as you wish but be aware of the deadlines that apply for execution of the mystery visit and survey completion.

How do you coach me as a Mystery Shopper?

We will instruct you before performing a Mystery visit and provide you with feedback after each visit. You will also receive a grade from us. Gather multiple high scores and you will see you will get more visits assigned.

Will I be an AQ employee, do I get a contract?

No, you will not be employed by AQ Services and therefore do not get a labor-contract.
You are never obligated to perform a fixed amount of visits or to perform visits you don´t like. You are the one who selects the visits you would like to perform.

Do I need to provide my IBAN, BIC and/or SWIFT?

Yes. In order for us to pay you as soon as possible, we will need your full bank details, including IBAN, BIC, and/or SWIFT code. These numbers are indicated on your bank statements and/or you can contact your bank.

Do I have to pay taxes on the shop fees?

Tax laws vary per country. Please contact your local Business Manager for more information.


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