We are your front line improvement partner. Using customisable measurement, coaching and communication tools, we work closely with you to drive your front line – and therefore your business – to its optimal best. Our mystery shopping solutions and mystery audit help measure customer experiences and solve your toughest business challenges.

Our principal objective is to partner with companies that share our vision and passion which is “to let people experience great service”. In order to achieve this we would like you to join as an AQ Mystery Shopper. You as a Mystery Shopper can contribute to the improvement of service in general. Every mystery visit you perform will contribute to this goal: “To let people experience great service.”

But what does this slogan really mean?

Try to remember a really positive experience you had as a consumer, you really experienced the WOW effect. What was it?

Now try to remember a really negative experience you had as a consumer, something you were angry with or disappointed about. Most likely the bad experience is easier to remember.

Companies want their customers to experience their excellent service. To have customers who leave their store/dealership/hotel with a satisfied feeling. In order for them to achieve this, we offer a solution and provide feedback through Mystery Shopping.

Mystery Shopping allows a company to measure the level of service actually provided, in real life situations. It helps front line staff to evaluate their own performances and learn from it. In this way it motivates the front line staff to perform better, to provide excellent service, to let people experience great service.

How do we accomplish this?

In order to achieve this goal we, amongst other methods, we make use of Mystery Shoppers. When you join our company as a Mystery Shopper, you will be guided and instructed by your local team of business managers. The Business managers will assist you with your mystery visit for the locations/clients you wish to visit. Your local team of business managers will help and coach you to perform the mystery visits.

We highly value our Mystery Shoppers. This means we want to work with you based on mutual respect and appreciation. We treat our Mystery Shoppers fairly. We want to build a relationship with you which can lead to a pleasant partnership for both parties. This means that you provide valuable information for our clients while enjoying visits at restaurants, hotels, car dealerships, retailers etc and getting paid for it.

The main activities we offer to our Mystery Shoppers is Mystery Shopping. However Mystery Calling and Mailing are also commonly used. Further activities we perform are auditing and store checking.